Facebook detox

photo by Massimo Barbieri

That's it! The real facebook

It’s being some time already that I try to simplify the life around me. Before this, every day, I  was receiving more than 50 emails, SMSs, chat conversations, regular facebook and twitter updates and notifications, tons of updates in my news feeder, events from google calendar… a big torrent of information to process, answer and read.

So I decided to put a stop on that and concentrate on listening to less things at the same time. So I made it to bring my emails down to zero, remove some old mail and messenger accounts.

So, next is facebook: a big fountain of crap. I have some notifications enabled, so that’s already two places to check: the facebook counter and the associated email that I receive each time. I will limit those.

But that’s not enough, so next comes to remove some other sources of information that I don’t need: people. It’s nothing personal, but that I want to reduce the level of stuff that I receive to the things that just interest me.

Basically, I’m going to “unfriend” people I can contact in other ways and:

  • I have no updates from them. Either they don’t really use facebook or are stalkers: people that just goes around looking at profiles but never say a thing. We’re not using the thing to talk anyway, so I’m losing nothing here.
  • Repeat all time too boring or too negative stuff. You hate Mondays? you hate snow? you hate heat too? you hate lazy Sundays? You hate boredom? You hate work? You hate negative people? Wait, Really?
  • I met one or two times in the real life, I know them from nothing else, we never speak and they keep feeling strangers.

This three groups should give me some margin. The first one does not post too much, but is a clean up in any case.

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