Software archaeology

A nice note about how to deal with legacy systems: “Mitch Rosenberg of, Inc. claims that the first law of software archaeology (he calls it code or data archaeology) is: Everything that is there is there for a reason, and there are 3 possible reasons: It used to need to be there but no […]

Retro linux

Recently, I got again into one of those retro-computing nostalgia phases. I’ve been reading material about old computers like the TRS-80 or the Apple ][, older mainframe ones like the PLATO and PDP-10, and random retro-games blogs like The Digital Antiquarian and The CRPG Addict. Finally, stumbled upon this site:, dedicated to the very early history […]

Just a dream

Just a dream

Up until then, travel and the idea of going far away had just being a dream, and dreaming is very pleasant as long as you are not forced to put your dreams into practice. That way, we avoid all the risks, frustrations and difficulties, and when we are old, we can always blame other people […]

Nena2 - The queen of the night

Nena2 – The queen of the night

Nena2 -“Babe2” in Spanish-, is the real queen of the night, and includes a bag of pills to prove it!! Found in a cheap store in León.

That's it! The real facebook

Facebook detox

It’s being some time already that I try to simplify the life around me. Before this, every day, I  was receiving more than 50 emails, SMSs, chat conversations, regular facebook and twitter updates and notifications, tons of updates in my news feeder, events from google calendar… a big torrent of information to process, answer and […]